Committed to Sustainable Development

Sustainable development used to mean using materials and resources in a way that prevents harm to future generations. Today, that ideal has expanded to encompass a more holistic view of sustainability throughout the entire project life cycle. From design to construction and operation, no detail is too small when evaluating the short and long term impact a development has on its community.

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Our Values


Our commitment to sustainable development does more than reduce environmental impact. It builds lasting communities for life, work, and play.


Real estate development is about adding value to communities. We work closely with state and local agencies while gathering community feedback to ensure real needs are always met with real solutions.


A successful development adds real value to the community. Our goal is to maximize that value for owners, tenants, and local municipalities.


Over 4,800 men and women suffered fatal accidents on construction sites in 2015 alone. As an industry, we can do better. Kellaur partners with design and construction firms that dedicate themselves to project safety throughout every stage of community development, from conceptual design to building and management.


We believe in partnering with builders and community agencies that leverage eco-friendly materials, green spaces, and reforestation programs to minimize the environmental impact of every residential and commercial development.


We believe it’s always better when unique perspectives gather to work toward a common goal. Our firm is committed to diversity and inclusion at all stages of the development process. It’s not just the right thing to do—it’s the best thing to do.


Internal and external transparency is critical to ethical business practices. At Kellaur, ethics are a core business value on which every relationship is built.

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